best of 2016 :: 88 Favorite Songs

AND now songs. The compilation of these tracks was aided by heavy use of, Bandcamp, Spotify and Soundcloud. As shitty as this year was, I was truly amazed at all the great music that percolates up from the underground. There’s a lot of overlap with this year’s Best Of Albums list, but hey this one is not in alphabetical order soooo you GOT to read through the whole damn thing, ok? (The page might take a little bit of time to load so be fucking patient!)

And sorry this is being posted in January and not at the very end of December as per usual :)

Listen (to them all).
Washer — Eyelids


Gland — Cram It

VOMITFACE — Senior Pictures

Spray Paint — Burn Barrel

Mass Gothic — Every Night You’ve Got To Save Me

Clean Girls — Ortolan

Mannequin Pussy — Romantic

halfsour — Grump

Sleepies — All Happening

Run The Jewels — Talk To Me

Soft Signals — Staring at Screens

Kindling — Capital Cities

Big Ups — Capitalized

Pop. 1280 — Kingdom Come

Puff Pieces — Wondrous Flowers

Post Pink — (S)hit

Idiot Genes — No Complaints

Bueno — Got Your Back

Sunwatchers — Herd of Creeps

Haybaby — Joke/Rope

Black Beach — Static Sound

Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes — Speak

Kal Marks — Coffee

Open Mike Eagle & Paul White — Admitting The Endorphin Addiction

Krill — Meat

Horse Jumper of Love — Ugly Brunette

Wall — Milk

clipping. — Wriggle

Slomo Drags — Effeminate Cop

Useless Eaters — Electrical Outlet

jackal onasis — Runty Little Puppy


Pill — Vagabond

Decorum — Book Burning

Sodium Beast — Creep Sale

Psychic Teens — EVERYTHING

nine of swords — buoy

Teen Body — Can’t Remember

Earring — Dark Heart

human people — Cell

Birth (Defects) — Hanshin

Wildhoney — Horror Movie

Nots — Inherently Low

Parlor Walls — Bloodsport

Shop Talk — Knock on a Door

Mumblr — Microwave


The Coathangers — Make It Right

BLANK SPELL — Plastic Devil

Aesop Rock — Molecules

Fraidycat – Best Pie

GØGGS — Needle Trade Off

Amygdala — Abandon All Patriarchy

lié — Truth or Consequences

Aa — Trash Hits

Hooded Fang — Tunnel Vision

Sharkmuffin — Red

Soda — TV

Nice Guys — Chips in the Moonlight

Greys — Complaint Rock

Video Daughters — Hit the Six

Poster Children — Dee (Reissue)

I.C.E. — Roll Over

In School — Bloodlust

Bambara — As Her

Chasms – Beyond Flesh

Winkie — I Will Not Weep For Any Throne You Fall From

AUSMUTEANTS — Music Writers

NOTHING — The Dead Are Dumb

Cloud Become Your Hand — Rest In Fleas

Flasher — Destroy

LAW$UITS — Playing Dumb

Multicult — Repeating Decimal Point of Trauma

Rats Mouth — Kyle from the U.K.

Solids — Blank Stare

Show Me The Body — Body War

IDES — Grief Cycle

Scupper — Everything

Good Throb — The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock

Thee Oh Sees — Gelatinous Cube

Naps — Bad Vibrations

Big Business — Father’s Day

Cigarette — Warm Shadows

Sad13 — <2

Death Vacation — Bones Grow Cold

FOSTER CARE — Solo Tryst

Landing — Complekt

And this list is definitely incomplete. So I missed something awesome, leave a damn comment!
And how about a little shout out to just some of my favorite labels. Thank you so much for all your hard work…

Already Dead Tapes
Castle Face
Disposable America
Exploding In Sound
Fire Talk
Mirror Universe Tapes & Serenity Now
Sister Polygon
Tiny Engines
Wharf Cat Records

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