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Gold Dime has a pretty great Twitter bio:

Gold Dime is mostly Andrya Ambro (xTalk Normal)… Think The Residents, only more intimate and on fire.

Well, in this next installment of q and also a, we share Andrya’s answers to our questions.
q: What is the last song you (really) heard?

a: Soft Cell — “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” Marc Almond’s crooning vocals are full on emo petulant. But he makes you feel… and then he hits that high note at the end and you’re like “damn, you got me.” I love it. Plus the synths behind him are epic but can get quirky when accenting some sections. I’m not sure why it makes me laugh out loud every time. Despite it all, it’s still a soaring masterpiece.

Other songs I (really) heard…
PC Worship, “My Lens”
Abner Jay, “I’m So Depressed”
Tall Dwarfs, “The Slide”
q: Is there an album you wished you knew about when you were younger?

a: CAN, Ege Bamyasi (it’s hard for me to pick a CAN album) — I didn’t hear CAN until my 20s, and I think if I had in my teens, I might have gotten on the driving minimalism thing sooner. Plus Jaki Liebezeit was one of my favorite drummers.

Orchestral Manoevres in the Dark — Dazzle Ships. I knew the OMD hits as a young teen from my MTV days but I did not know this album. I could listen to the musique concrete interstitials on this with equal attention to their uptempo synth pop jams. Plus I’m a sucker for their morose songs. Young me would have been beside herself with this album.
The Velvet Underground — White Light/White Heat. Again, it wasn’t until my twenties that I heard VU, let alone this album. If this had entered my lexicon sooner i mean… who knows?
q: What is the last music that you purchased?

a: Damn, embarrassingly, it’s so hard to answer this because obviously streaming happens a lot and that’s not really paying for music. Plus, I kinda stopped buying records (there are exceptions) and other tangible music props because there was a period I moved 5 times in 6 years. But of course you can “purchase” music in more compact ways as well. That hashed out, technically the last music I purchased was Kate Mohanty’s cassette The Double Image. Before that there was Kill Alters’ Silencio on bandcamp (I mean KA got paid so I think that counts), U.S. Girls Half Free on vinyl (which sadly I lost) and The Sediment Club’s album Psychosymplastic on vinyl.

q: What is your favorite memory of experiencing music in a live setting?

a: Definitely Boredoms’ 77 Boadrum in NYC. I was fortunate enough to play in this as drummer. It was basically 77 drummers spiraling out of a center which was comprised of the Boredoms. I do not usually seek out communal drumming experiences but something ‘beyond me’ was in the air.

As for a more spectator experience, I did have the rare opportunity to see Depeche Mode at Bowery Ballroom for some special intimate night. I am a Depeche Mode fan. It was better than I could have imagined. David Gahan is a gazelle up there. And I love Martin Gore. His backing vocals lines are melodic gems.
q: What should we know about Nerves?

a: I felt compelled to make you a list of things to know….

  • Nerves took a very long time to come into fruition.
  • Nerves is Gold Dime’s debut album. Gold Dime is not a solo project, rather a band that I, Andrya, usually lead.
  • Nerves is out June 2 on Fire Talk.
  • Sarah Register (Talk Normal) mastered Nerves and she should master your next album.
  • Nerves is sometimes noisy art rock, sometimes harsh pop, often aggressive but equally tender.
  • “All We Have To Be Thankful For” is a cover by the spoken word artist Anne Clark
  • The personnel on Nerves is this — Andrya Ambro — drums / guitar / piano / noise / vocals; Adam Markiewicz (The Dreebs) — bass / violin / vocals; Lazar Bozic (The Sediment Club) — guitar
  • Most songs on Nerves are pretty long. Some might say epic. I do love a developed arrangement.
  • I think my mom might like Nerves.
  • Justin Frye (PC Worship) helped record Nerves. I recorded a good portion of it as well.
  • The song “Easy” was inspired by the music of Francis Bebey.
  • I had a super fun time producing Nerves. The process was tedious but worth it.


Come to Alphaville on Saturday for the Nerves release show w/ Hubble, Ritual Humor, and Junkyard (Adam from The Dreebs)! (RSVP)
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