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Hey, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time which is sort of a continuation of our “best of 2017 (so far)” series. Good Stuff.
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I’m not on this week, but tune in early at 2pm for a brand new Newtown Radio show from the brain of Daniel Klag!
The Playlist for 10/22/17:

  1. Equestrian by Omni
  2. Afraid of the Mirror by PiLL
  3. Ode To A Gamete by Woodhull
  4. Plastic Devil by BLANK SPELL
  5. paranoid by Phoenix Brown
  6. slap bass hunks by christian fitness
  7. Gone But Not Entirely by Cloakroom
  8. Apocalypse Me by Buck Gooter
  9. Blue Hell by Pardoner
  10. Suntan Man by Beech Creeps
  11. Doin’ It Alone by Sleeping Bag
  12. Cleveland by Algiers
  13. The Static God by Thee Oh Sees
  14. DaDaDa by Secret Drum Band
  15. Fill Your Lungs by Mar
  16. Skull Pop by Guerilla Toss
  17. Cookie by Naomi Punk
  18. Sky Could Undress by Balmorhea
  19. Turn Your Body by Grooms
  22. Dream Come Now by Honey
  23. Cluttered Head by Black Beach
  24. Leisure Time by Luurel Varas
  25. What a Waste by PLAX
  26. Into The Shroud by Flesh World
  27. Pizza and Burgers (prod. by Ben Boogz of 2 Hungry Bros) by Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman
  28. Mad Sugar by Vomitface
  29. Macross by Birth (Defects)
  30. Dracula (feat. Katie Capri) by Maneka
  31. Honey Colony by Soft Fangs
  32. wake by bears
  33. Your Guess Is As Bad As Mine by Washer
  34. Hold & Dissolve by Bootblacks
  35. Get Like by Nosaj Thing
  36. Barf Haus by Sleepies
  37. But I’m Slow by Infinity Girl
  38. Heavy Handed by Husker Du

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