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OK ok, it is time for the third “best of” feature for 2018. This is Volume Three of the Best of 2018. Here are 20 more songs from 2018 for your consideration.

Park After Dark by SIGNAL

Purchase: ACLU Benefit Compilation

3 Track Seizure by Mike Donovan

(Individual Track Stream Unavailable, so please play track 2)

Purchase: How To Get Your Record Played In Shops

Pink or Die by Drinks

(Individual Track Stream Unavailable, so please play track 11)

Purchase: Hippo Lite

The Payoff by The Sediment Club

Purchase: Stucco Thieves

Buck Me Off by Speedy Ortiz

Purchase: Twerp Verse

Intruder by KRIMEWATCH

Purchase: Krimewatch

Loop 19 by J Foley

Purchase: Drone Loops EP 1

Nod by Landing

Purchase: Bells In New Towns

The Day the Music Dies by Iceage

Purchase: Beyondless

Pavement by Deeper

Purchase: S/T

Sharing the Spotlight by Hundreds of AU

Purchase: Communications Link Re-established

PPP by Big Ups

Purchase: Two Parts Together

Partly Alive by the body

Purchase: I Have Fought Against It, But I Can’t Any Longer.

Gatekeeper by Decisions

Purchase: The Weight of the World Leaves a Broken Back

Wide Awake by Parquet Courts

Purchase: Wide Awake!

Contemporary by Matthewdavid

Purchase: Time Flying Beats

Pressure by Flasher

Purchase: Constant Image

Wheel of Fortune (feat. Kelley Deal) by Protomartyr

Purchase: Consolation E.P.

Stop Getting Second Helpings at the Shit Buffet by Needs

Purchase: Limitations

Country Boys by lié

Purchase: Hounds
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