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There are 100+ releases from 2018 that are just freaking awesome. I have ordered my best of list in alphabetical order (by first name for individual artists because that’s how iTunes does it, ok), and broke that list down into five separate posts for the music I loved plus one post for some stuff I missed (aka off my radar).
If you like what you hear, considering buying the release (most of this music is available on bandcamp) or better yet, seek out these bands when they are on tour and purchase music/merch directly from the band. I hope you find something that you love.
This post is for D to H: Decisions to Hundreds of AU.

The Weight of the World Leaves a Broken Back by Decisions

Night Warning by Deep Red

S/T by Deeper

Gay Guerrilla Terrorism Unit/I’ll Twink To That by DICKSÃœCKER

like memory foam by didi

TBH by Dilian

Forest of a Crew by The Dreebs

Hippo Lite by Drinks

Miro Tape by Duppy Gun Productions

Fluid World Building 101 With Shaman Bambu by Dustin Wong

Trogg Modal Vol. 1 by Eric Copeland

S/T by ESSi

Ahead Of Two Thoughts by EXEK

S/T by exhalants

Adverse Habitat by EXIT GROUP

Constant Image by Flasher

Aftering by Fred Thomas

Basic Behaviour by Frigs

Alienated by The Funs

Odd Talk by Ganser

Perfect Texture LP by GELD

Walk Like A Motherfucker by Ghost Funk Orchestra

SEMICIRCLE by The Go! Team

Burnt Sugar by Gouge Away

Cemetery Preston by Greber

Twisted Crystal by Guerilla Toss

S/T by Hank Wood and the Hammerheads

Cold Medicine by HAUNTED HORSES

I Have Become Your Pupil (split LP w/ THOU) by HIRS

Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears by Human People

Communications Link Re-established by Hundreds of AU

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If you want to stream a bunch of these songs and maybe some others check out these playlists:
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6NWKdWwxER1z2IcvpguSLA
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/gimmetinnitus/sets/gt-reposted-best-of-2018
AND remember there’s always lots to stream at:


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