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Sooooo, here is the latest episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time!

The Playlist for 7/28/19 (The one with Shoegaze in the middle):

  1. Whiskey and Wine by Elizabeth Colour Wheel + Planning for Burial
  3. Human Spawn by UNDER ATTACK
  4. Landlord College by Prayer Group
  5. Magnet by NEW BERLIN
  6. They Don’t Live by Buck Biloxi
  7. Soft Shape by Empath
  8. Hey Mr Dogman by Powerplant
  9. Fade Away by Painted Mirror
  10. Black Eye by Kindling
  11. Elizabeth Warren by Coaches
  12. Drown by The Cherry Wave
  13. Glazed by MANEKA
  14. Cease All Life by Crystal Soda Cream
  15. Super Stupid by Wildhoney
  16. Bad Form by Ganser
  17. The Box by Deadbeat Beat
  18. i go down on the breeze by floral print
  19. Get Bleak by Ducks Unlimited
  20. When Can I See You Again? by Beehive
  21. “Listen to Your Heart.” “No.” by Cheekface
  22. Radio by Ty Segall
  23. Truancy Man by The Mad Doctors
  24. question mark by bdrmm
  25. Sundown by Mwahaha
  26. The Recognition by Dead Sea Apes
  27. Market Place by Normil Hawaiians
  28. Ripe for Consumption by Weeping Icon
  29. FULL GARB (01282019) by YVETTE
  30. Night Goat (Melvins) by Six Organs of Admittance



The next GTRT is coming up 8/25/19 @ 4pm and will feature special guest Trevor from Fire Talk Records! (Sorry, there will be no show on 8/11/19)

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gtrt 7-28-19

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