best of 2019 :: Favorite Tracks of the Year

And now a streaming playlist of my most listened to tracks from 2019 (at least based on what tells me).

The GT Favorite Tracks 2019 Playlist

The List

  1. Eternity Leave by Cheekface
  2. The Soft Hands of Stephen Miller by Pile
  3. The Seduction of Kansas by Priests
  4. Obamacare by Quelle Chris
  5. Impulse Crush by Ithaca
  6. Peace Siren by Buck Gooter
  7. Gilded Cloud by Drahla
  8. Lost Power by French Vanilla
  9. Cream by Mannequin Pussy
  10. New Reality by Patio
  11. Boy Scout by Patio
  12. The Conversation by Sacred Paws
  13. Rolled In Glass by Blessed
  14. Force Fed by Employed To Serve
  15. Pure Auto by METZ
  16. Dazzle Paint by Institute
  17. Never Nowhere by Maneka
  18. Smokejumper by A Deer A Horse
  19. Spongebob by Billy Woods & Kenny Segal
  20. Cosmic Cave by Ex Hex
  21. Ripe for Consumption by weeping icon
  22. Take It Or Leave It by Ava Luna
  23. Kebab Spider by Sleaford Mods
  24. Smells Like Mean Spirit by Philary
  25. Bruxist Grin by Pile

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