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Nashville’s own Chappy Hull (Gnarwhal, Pile) released the first full length album, Away Team, from his Shell of a Shell project on February 28th. The LP was recorded with Seth Engel (Options, Coaster, Shady Bug) at the Pallet Sound studio in Chicago. While the album has less mathy or post hardcore elements than Hull other work, Shell of a Shell’s music falls directly into the Exploding In Sound ouvre. In fact, this is EIS100!


You can (and let’s face it, should) purchase Away Team:
Or if you are still going to shows (cough, COVID-19, cough)… Shell of a Shell are probably playing near you soon (but not if you are on the east coast):

UPDATE: This tour is cancelled :-(

March 13 @ Maggie Meyers Irish Pub (Huntsville, AL) w/ Drop Diver, Boss Rush, The ONO’s

March 14 @ The Firehouse (Birmingham, AL) w/ Tenci, Bitter Calm

March 16 @ Banks St Bar (New Orleans, LA) w/ Treadles, High, Sharks Teeth (solo)

March 17 @ Satellite (Houston, TX) w/ w/ Justus Proffit, Ruiners, Cherish

March 26 @ The Lunchbox (Phoenix, AZ) w/ Twin Ponies, Instructions, Brother Teresa

March 27 @ BOW WOW HAUS (Chula Vista, CA)

March 28 @ The Auditorium (Isla Vista, CA) w/ Bughunter, Dioxane

March 29 @ The Smell (Los Angeles, CA)

March 31 @ The Holland Project (Reno, NV) w/ Uppendix, the i and the me

April 2 @ Old Nick’s Pub (Eugene, OR)

April 3 @ The Astoria (Vancouver, BC) w/ Blessed, Dumb, Devours

April 4 @ Black Lodge (Seattle, WA) w/ Bread Pilot

April 5 @ Turn Turn Turn (Portland, OR) w/ Whirld

April 7 @ High Note Cafe (Boise, ID) w/ NO, Cigarette Speedway

April 9 @ Urban Lounge (Salt Lake City, UT) w/ worlds worst, Picnics at Soap Rock, Poor Form

April 10 @ Glitter City Nights (Denver, CO) w/ Moon Pussy, Modern Goon

April 11 @ O’Leaver’s (Omaha, NE) w/ Magu, Tame Suns

April 12 @ Vaudeville Mews (Des Moines, IA) w/ Gleaner, Junejam

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