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Hey, here’s a recent episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time on Newtown Radio! In memoriam of the GIMME TINNITUS Halloween cover shows, this one is all cover songs!

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The GTRT Playlist for 11/1/20:

  1. Annalisa (PiL Cover) by Sleepies
  2. Breadfan (Budgie Cover) by Metallica
  3. When Tomorrow Hits (Mudhoney Cover) by Spacemen 3
  4. See No Evil (Television Cover) by We Versus The Shark
  5. Warsaw (Joy Division Cover) by Desert Storm
  6. The Hurdy Gurdy Man (Donovan Cover) by Butthole Surfers
  7. Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young Cover) by Replicants
  8. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang (Heaven 17 Cover) by The Dead Milkmen
  9. I Can See It (but I can’t feel it) (MBV cover) by exhalants
  10. Making Plans For Nigel (XTC Cover) by Primus
  11. Runaway (Kanye West cover) by Parts & Labor
  12. Gates Of Steel (Devo Cover) by Snapcase
  13. Celebrity Art Party (The Embarrassment Cover) by Oxford Collapse
  14. The Stranger (Billy Joel Cover) by Omni
  15. C-30 C-60 C-90 GO! (Bow Wow Wow Cover) by Pretty Girls Make Graves
  16. Credit In The Straight World (Young Marble Giants Cover) by Hole
  17. Strawberry Fields Forever (Beatles Cover) by Campfire Girls
  18. Little Honda (Beach Boys Cover) by Yo La Tengo
  19. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Iggy Pop Cover) (Live) by Uncle Tupelo
  20. We Dance (Pavement Cover) by Cat Power
  21. Bull In Heather (Sonic Youth Cover) by The Go! Team
  22. Cactus (Pixies Cover) by David Bowie
  23. Precision Auto (Superchunk Cover) by Les Savy Fav
  24. Kid A (Radiohead Cover) by John Mayer
  25. Rusty Cage (Soundgarden Cover) by Johnny Cash
  26. Breed (Nirvana Cover) by Steve Earle
  27. Freedom Of Choice (Devo Cover) by Snapcase
  28. So Sad About Us (The Who Cover) by The Breeders
  29. Manta Ray (Pixies Cover) by Man Or Astroman?
  30. Head On (Jesus And Mary Chain Cover) by Pixies
  31. Hate The Police (Dicks Cover) by Mudhoney
  32. Grinding Halt (The Cure Cover) by The Death Set
  33. 106 Beats That (Wire Cover) by Meho Plaza






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