GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time > 3/7/21 (The One That Ends With FL STYLE PERMZ By SOUL GLO)

Hey, here’s a recent episode of GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time on Newtown Radio! This is the one that ends with FL STYLE PERMZ by SOUL GLO.

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The GTRT Playlist for 3/7/21:

  1. Reunification 2018 by Oliver Coates
  2. Beef Diet by Nun Gun
  3. Pinafore-Ignite2 by Parlor Walls
  4. Come In Alone by My Bloody Valentine
  5. Structure by Blessed
  6. Isi by Neu!
  7. American Sound by La Neve
  8. Asparagus by Playboy Manbaby
  9. Ooze by Sleeping Bag
  10. Leave Me Alone by Public Practice
  11. Rotter by The Cherry Wave
  12. Ears Like Golden Bats by My Teenage Stride
  13. Break by Water From Your Eyes
  14. Boy Scout by Patio
  15. Total Loss by Ribbons
  16. Confused by CLAMM
  17. Teen Creeps by No Age
  18. Polar Beer by Spray Paint
  19. Birthright by The Mall
  20. Execution by Mission Of Burma
  21. We Care A Lot by Faith No More
  22. Take It As It Comes by Wimps
  23. number one hit single by Pile
  24. Capitalized by Big Ups
  25. Outside, Relaxing by US Weekly
  26. Grasping At The Root by thirdface
  27. Human Repellent by Children’s Letters to God
  28. Power Trip by Weeping Icon
  29. Bind by Mouthing
  30. Prove It by Divide and Dissolve
  31. Folds of Plasma by Krallice
  32. Catacombs by Skeleton








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