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Saturday, August 9th, 2014

Welcome to another goddamn GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time internet radio show which is actually just a podcast. I swear the next show will be a live one. Ok? Alright.

So, you can play the whole show below or some of the individual tracks using the tiny play buttons next to each mp3 link, OR you can stream the whole page using the streampad player at the bottom of the page, OR you can just download any or all of the mp3s at your leisure and play them using a digital media player of your choice.


Downloadable: GTRT 08-03-14 :: GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time (mp3) (mirror)

Here’s the playlist from the above show.

  1. Born For A Short Time by The Mae Shi
  2. Cause = Time by Broken Social Scene
  3. 86′d In ’03 by Bent Shapes
  4. Orderly by Eula
  5. Electric Blood by The Flag
  6. Statescapes by THE FIELD RECORDINGS
  7. Jerome (Liar) by Joanna Gruesome
  8. Duche Dog E Dog by Marble Valley
  9. Never Comprehending (Demo) by HOUNDSds
  10. I Thought You Were by Caténine
  11. Small World (mp3) by Cave Needles
  12. The Way To Market Station by The Aislers Set
  13. Big Chord Champion by Love Of Diagrams
  14. Sacajawea (mp3) by Stickers
  15. Rest Versus Rust by Spray Paint
  16. The Gold We’re Digging by Parts & Labor
  17. Can’t See Anymore (mp3) by Low Fat Getting High
  18. My Baby Axe Nice (Mannequin Pussy Cover) by Dog Legs
  19. BLIND SPOT by Sauna Heat
  20. Fresh Air Traverse (mp3) by Black Taj
  21. The Nail Will Burn by Loop
  22. High 5 (Rock the Catskills) by Beck
  23. The Afternoon Turns Pink by Black Moth Super Rainbow
  24. All Flesh Is Grass (mp3) by Guilty Ghosts
  25. Memory Maps by Lia Mice
  26. Why I Like The Robins by Hum
  27. if i am by My Bloody Valentine
  28. Return To Ravenna by Land Observations
  29. Red Oak Way by Lotus Plaza
  30. A Great Design by Black Marble
  31. When You Cut (Gary War Remix) by Moon Duo
  32. Me & You, Remembering by fIREHOSE
  33. I’m So Tired by Fugazi
  34. Washer by Slint

The next show is on 8/17/14 @ 4PM EST and will feature a guest playlist from Michael of Phone Home.

There is a GIMME TINNITUS tag @

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If you want to download all the individual tracks in this post, you should probably think about installing the DownThemAll! or FlashGot Firefox extensions.

Also, if you like what you hear you should probably purchase music from the above artists at any of these fine online retailers (or your local independent record store):

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And, if you haven’t done it already, make sure you check out the other GTRT episodes.


friday night vids :: Low Fat Getting High + Hive Bent + Signor Benedick the Moor + Dead Stars + playlounge

Saturday, June 21st, 2014

For your streaming pleasure, here is the next installment of Friday Night Vids for the year numbered 2014. And it’s not really Friday anymore, but I’m not gonna wait a whole week to post these, ok?
Streamable: Police Cop (youtube) by Low Fat Getting High

Streamable: Serious Business on BTR [ep166] (youtube) by Hive Bent

Streamable: Lecherous, Senseless, Debauchery (not the video) (youtube) by Signor Benedick the Moor

Streamable: Summer Bummer (youtube) by Dead Stars

Streamable: fan fiction (youtube) by playlounge

Downloadable: fan fiction (mp3)
AND I totally missed this Ed Schrader’s Music Beat music video for “Laughing”.

If you like what you see/hear you should probably purchase music from the above artists at any of these fine online retailers or your local independent record store or better yet buy directly from the band next time you go out to a show:

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You can always watch more (live) music video @ the GIMMETINNITUSTUBE Channel and the GIMME TINNITUS Vimeo, but frankly I have been to lazy to record whole songs at shows recently, so you might as well go to the GT Vine.

Friday Night Vids


Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Holy shit, it’s GRIZZLOR!

Downloadable: DIE ALONE (mp3)

GRIZZLOR hail from New Haven, CT and they play a fuzzed-out ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME brutal form of noise rock that I just can’t get enough of here at GIMME TINNITUS.

Their new(ish) EP is available now under the pay-what-you-want pricing model @ You should buy it, ok?

And, have I mentioned that they are playing tonight at Death by Audio.

Upcoming NYC Show:

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We're All Just Aliens by GRIZZLOR

audio stream :: Low Fat Getting High > Police Cop

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

GT Favs Low Fat Getting High have combined their latest EP, Poor Circulation, with a 24 page illustrated zine (with download code) into a new format they are calling the ZP, and of course the zine features illustrations by Low Fat’s own Michael Patrick Sincavage.

Money Fire Records is releasing the ZP tomorrow at Death by Audio. No preorder. You got to go to the show (details below).

The lead single off of Poor Circulation is “Police Cop” which just happens to be coming out as #myNYPD is blowing up.


Streamable: Police Cop (soundcloud)

Upcoming NYC Shows:

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BONUS: The Claw (mp3)

Poor Circulation by Low Fat Getting High
Low Fat Getting High at Shea Stadium

album stream :: HIVE BENT > Dyatlov EP

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

HIVE BENT‘s awesome new EP, Dyatlov is now available in digital and is set to be released in physical form (i.e. cassette) in very limited numbers on May 1st via the good folks at New Day Rising Records.

The Baltimore duo’s take on posthardcore will smash you upside the head like “a compelling natural force”. It is unclear whether any paranormal activity or secret weapons tests were involved in the recording of the EP.


Streamable: Dyatlov EP (bandcamp)

You can purchase the digital of Dyatlov right now @, or preorder the cassette (only fifty copies available!) and get instant d/l of the digital @

Upcoming NYC Show:

HIVE BENT will also reportedly be playing a GT/Ipsum Northside show in June. More on that TK.

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BONUS: The Observer (mp3)