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So, bklynsynthpunks Team Robespierre did not win MTV’s The Freshmen contest this week for their year old video of the song “88th Precinct”. Did you not hear The Culture Of Me’s plea for your vote?

The duo also has a new EP called Bad Habit. Or maybe Bad Habbit??

It looks like this.

Team Robespierre Bad Habit or Habbit

It sounds like this.

Downloadable: Billz (mp3)

If this song doesn’t make you digi-thrash, I’m not quite sure if anything will.

psst… you can also pick up the new track “This Feels Perfect” @ The Culture Of Mehere.

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Ye Olde BONUS:
88th Precinct (mp3)
Laika (mp3)

Team Robespierre Myspace Pic

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