mp3s: What I Did On Record Store Day

Fact: I don’t like waiting on lines. So when there was a line to get into Other Music on Record Store Day, I didn’t wait. I also check out the discount bin at Academy Records, but nothing jumped out at me. Then I hopped on the L train and wound up at the used bin at Earwax Records. Here is what I purchased…

>> Karate Bump by Zs
Downloadable: Bump (mp3)
Comment: More percussive and less horny than I thought it was gonna be.
Upcoming Show: May 7 @ Secret Project Robot w/ Sons + Sacco 1928

>> Blues Control by Blues Control
Downloadable: Boiled Peanuts (mp3)
Comment: Good for very late night listening.
Upcoming Show: May 10 @ Market Hotel w/ Times New Viking + Woods

>> Requiem DUB by Kazufumi Kodama
Comment: Japanese Dub? Why the fuck not?
Downloadable: Gloria (mp3)

Other Music Censored

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