mp3s: STUCK IN MY HEAD > Jay Reatard + YACHT + Valina + Vampire Hands + Micachu & The Shapes

And now another installment of Stuck In My Head, where I post some mp3s that are um, stuck in my head.

It Ain’t Gonna Save Me (mp3) by Jay Reatard
(no preorder yet @ Matador)
Psychic City (mp3) by YACHT
(no preorder yet @ DFA) (more about this song… here)
Noel’s Got A Chord (mp3) by Valina
(totally free zip file @ soapbox promotions)
Paradise Knife Fights (mp3) by Vampire Hands
(buy it @ Modern Radio)
Just In Case (mp3) by Micachu & The Shapes
(buy it @ Beggars)

Stuck In My Head

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