mp3s: STUCK IN MY HEAD > TL/Rx + Black Taj + The Sonics + Natural History + Memory Cassette

And now another installment of Stuck In My Head, where I post some mp3s that are um, stuck in my head.


Where Was my Brain? (Demo) (mp3) by Ted Leo + The Pharmacists
(Buy TL/Rx stuff from Ted’s store)

Fresh Air Traverse (mp3) by Black Taj
(Buy some Black Taj @ Amish Records)

Strychnine (mp3) by The Sonics
(Buy Full Force! @ Amazon)

The Right Hand (mp3) by Natural History
(DL Beat Beat Heartbeat @ eMusic)

Tortoise Pace (mp3) by Memory Cassette
(DL more Memory Cassette totally for free @ the We’re Tapes blogspot)

Stuck In My Head

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