Friday Night Vids :: Beck does VU + Dananananaykroyd + Ty Segall + Obits + Black Lips

Streamable: Run Run Run (vimeo) by Beck’s Record Club

Streamable: Some Dresses (vimeo) by Dananananaykroyd

Streamable: Cents (youtube) by Ty Segall

Streamable: Pine On (youtube) by Obits

Downloadable: Pine On (sub pop mp3)

Streamable: Drugs (youtube) by Black Lips

(different) Downloadable: I’ll Be With You (vice mp3)

Embeddable Video Complaint: Unforch, has started playing ads before their videos start… much more annoying than youtube’s text-based clickaways. I guess we won’t be embedding their vids anytime soon. Boo.

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