bestof2009 :: The 12 Bestest Music Videos

Continuing our Best of 2009 coverage… here are the best music videos of the year.

Streamable: Run Run Run (vimeo) by Beck’s Record Club

Streamable: No Time, No Hope (youtube) by Times New Viking

Downloadable: No Time, No Hope (mp3)

Streamable: No Sugar (vimeo) by Pterodactyl

Downloadable: No Sugar (mp3)

Streamable: Bone Jam (youtube) by JEFF The Brotherhood

Downloadable: Bone Jam (mp3)

Streamable: Beginners Falafel (vimeo) by Flying Lotus

Downloadable: Beginners Falafel (mp3)

Streamable: Pine On (youtube) by Obits

Downloadable: Pine On (mp3)

Streamable: Drugs (youtube) by Black Lips

Streamable: Ampling Alp ( by Yeasayer

Downloadable: Ampling Alp (mp3)

Streamable: Surf Solar (vimeo) by Fuck Buttons

Downloadable: Surf Solar (Edit) (mp3)

Streamable: Lessons Learned (youtube) by Matt & Kim

Downloadable: Lessons Learned (mp3)

Streamable: Minivan Highway (Live on Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job) (adult swim) by Kraftwerk

Streamable: A Glorious Dawn (Cosmos Remixed) (youtube) by Carl Sagan & Stephen Hawking & Colorpulse

Downloadable: Glorious Dawn (Cosmos Remixed) (mp3)

UPDATE: The bestest vid (that I totally forgot about)

Streamable: Anti-Magic (vimeo) by foot village

Downloadable: Anti-Magic (mp3)

If you want to download all the individual tracks in this post, you should think about installing the DownThemAll! Firefox extension.

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Best Of 2009

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