CMJ09 :: Bruar Falls vs. Brooklyn Bowl

This is was the end of CMJ09 for me, I split my time between Bruar Falls and Brooklyn Bowl.

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: heading to @bruarfalls :: my section of g train has regular service?? wow :: sweating… damn you mta, why is it so hot on this g?

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: I’m at @bruarfalls :: bloody marys are $5 not $3, boooo! :: what is that? it’s not so much headbanging as it is headflopping

[Note] the headflopping band is named belgua

[Downloadable] Disco Show (mp3) by Belgua

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: @bruarfalls a little off sched :: @renminbinyc setting up :: and @renminbinyc is playing, loudly :: more people coming in

[Tweet] # @renminbinyc playing at @bruarfalls ::


[Tweet] # #ohcrap :: forgot the #cmj09 tag on that last tweet

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: @renminbinyc is offering free hearing protection for tinnitusy cmj-ers :: “set up” ::

[Downloadable] Set-Up (mp3) by RENMINBI

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: instrooo but we likey :: just guitar and drums now :: spinnanes-y :: effects pedals!! :: disbelief st djing next then the fancy

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: guess I’m not going to shea stadium or mrkt htl or that sub pop showcase :: fuck it, right? :: gonna go check out atj at bklyn bwl

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: some oslo coffee? don’t mind if I do :: still have not been to the new sound fix :: surfer blood setting up at bklyn bwl

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: swim (to reach the end) :: surfer blood at brooklyn bowl for after the jump free day party ::

CMJ09 Day 5 Surfer Blood

[Downloadable] Swim (To Reach The End) (mp3) by Surfer Blood
(buy it)

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: you’ve prolly seen it elsewhere but here is the clever surfer blood tshirt ::

CMJ09 Day 5 Surfer Blood Tshirt

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: surfer blood having equipment issues :: two more songs from surfer blood :: powerpop goodness w/ extra percussion :: harlem next

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: harlem setting up :: brooklyn brewery pumpkin ale really tastes like squash :: surfer blood chillin’ for harlem

[Tweet] # #haha :: seems like every single band that every single person has seen at CMJ so far has been “killing it” (via @gorillavsbear)

[Tweet] # #oneletteroffbandnames Beer In Heaven (a Space Needle cover band)

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: harlem starting and first song over before I even typed this :: oh my the jangle, the jangle :: @heckturd where you at??

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: omg I hate babysitting this umbrella :: if only I wasn’t precipophobic :: harlem appear to be having a great effing time

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: tweetie #fail :: harlem performing instrument switch up :: @gorillavsbear harlem are “killing it”

[Downloadable] South Of France (mp3) by Harlem

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: you know what they say about drum size::

CMJ09 Day 5 Harlem

[Tweet] # Top 3 weekly #lastfm artists: Hüsker Dü – 20. Golden Triangle – 15. The Years – 14. from tweeklyfm

[Downloadable] Prize Fighter (mp3) by Golden Triangle

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: tweetdeck for iPhone don’t fuck with me, I will erase your ass :: gonna leave for the greenlight party in ft greene :: 1 more beer

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: soft black playing now at bklyn bowl :: feel like this would sound better after 12AM :: said hey to surfer blood, 2 shows left

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: woah bklyn brewery black choc stout kicking my ass :: just realized I don’t have my hearing protection in :: #ohcrap

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: soft black picking up the pace :: looks like I missed the chance to meet @georgiakral and @gprecs irl :: met @heckturd finally

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: soft black at brklyn bowl ::

CMJ09 Day 5 Soft Black

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: rehydrating :: looking for the dudes from harlem :: no avail :: what is the diff b’twn soft black and small black??

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: soft black = small black – animal collective??

[Note] wow that last tweet was dumb, drunktweeting is dangerous

[Downloadable] The Earth Is Black (mp3) by Soft Black

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: I should prolly stay for a lil’ bit of lovvers, no? :: props to after the jump for putting on a rad day

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: day party… Props to after the jump for putting on such a rad day party :: pissed I missed the roulettes

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: lovvers soundcheck vs. “too high” by stevie wonder… very confusing :: more beer??

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: where the people at? lovvers aren’t from around here, prolly won’t get a chance to see them for awhile people :: c’mon

[Downloadable] 100 Flowers (mp3) by Lovvers

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: think I am pretty much done for the day y’all :: hope you had a great cmj, I know I did

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: a few more twitpics :: lovvvers ::

CMJ09 Day 5 Lovvers

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: the lovvers tshirt ::

CMJ09 Day 5 The Lovvers Tshirt

[Tweet] # #cmj09 :: a cd in the rain ::

CMJ09 Day 5 A CD in the rain

[Note] I saw that broken CD in the rain just after leaving Brooklyn Bowl. Not sure if it symbolizes anything.

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