mp3 :: Shark? > Fear!

Shark? or the slightly more googleable “sharkquestionmark” is the band that has sprung forth from the blog Quiet Color. If you dig the janglylofijams, you should skip forward and just download the mp3 below right now (it’s OK, I won’t be offended). What sets Shark? apart from your average lofiblogband is their bass vocal stylings. Definitely took me by surprise.

This here track comes straight from my soundcloud dropbox. Listen.

Downloadable: Fear! (mp3)

Upcoming Shows:
Oct 16 @ The Glass Door w/ I’m Turning Into
Oct 30 @ Silent Barn w/ I’m Turning Into + Sundelles

Shark? is on Twitter
More Shark? mp3s are on Gimme Sound (no affliation, registration required)


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