freealbum :: Fear! by Shark?

Earlier this Fall, I posted an mp3 from Quiet Color blogger turned rocker Kevin Diamond’s band Shark?. They sound like this:

Downloadable: Fear! (mp3)

While clicking around on bandcamp recently, I noticed that not only did Shark? have a bandcamp page, they were giving away their Fear! EP for free. What can I say? I am a big fan of that price. (You can read a little bit about appeal of free over at WIREDhere). You can download the whole Shark? EP by following the link below or by using the handy bandcamp widget.

Streamable/Downloadable: Fear! EP (bandcamp)

<a href="">Fear! by Shark?</a>

Also available is the I’m An Animal 7″ which you can download at bandcamp or the excellent Ampeater Review.

Upcoming Show:
Dec 7 (Tonight!) @ Cameo Gallery w/ Dinosaur Feathers, Coyote Eyes, I’m Turning Into

Shark? is on Twitter.
Quiet Color is here.
Gimme Sound page is here.

Shark? Fear!

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