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Fraidycat is Charlotte (ex-Rats Mouth), Dan, and Andy (ex-Shark?). They make self-described “slop pop” which blends jangly pop and punk and boy/girl vocals into something wonderful. Their debut longish playing tape, Other Better Places, is set to be released later this week on May 6th via the killer GP STRIPES label.
fraidycat... photo credit: devon bristol shaw
We are super excited to share their new album stream in full below…


Preorder @ or buy a tape at the release show on Saturday at Alphavile featuring Haybaby, Yucky Duster and True Dreams!
AND later this Summer, Fraidycat will be featuring on the upcoming first volume of the GIMME TINNITUS/Mirror Universe mixtape. More on that later.
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other better places by fraidycat

(album art: esme blegvad)

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