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Do you remember this Obits recording?

Downloadable: Widow Of My Dreams (Live @ Cake Shop) (mp3)

Well, just the other day I noticed that the complete recording of Obits first public performance (at Cake Shop on January 12 last year) is now available over at the Free Music Archive. They even have this handy dandy widget. You can download individual tracks by clicking on the arrows on the right hand side of the widget or follow the link below and download the whole show by following the link to FMA.

Downloadable: Live At Cake Shop 1/12/08 (free music archive)

For the record, the song “You Took An Axe” has since became “Fake Kinkade”, which is the song that Obits performed on Late Night just last week (skip to 37:00 if you watch it on hulu).

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Obits Live at Cake Shop

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