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The good folks at Old Flame Records are releasing Shark?‘s True Waste (one of our favorite albums from last year) in the form of a cassette tape on July 24th. This track here totally slays.


Downloadable: Slap Dash (mp3)

You can preorder the cassette version of True Waste @

True Waste by Shark?

Did you know that you can pay-what-you-want for a download of Shark?‘s 23 track compilation of early songs? Well, you can. It’s true. Provided you did grab their early singles and EPs way back when, you should really download Death to the Early Years @ (and throw them some $$ when you do).


Downloadable: Fear! (mp3)

Death to the Early Years by Shark?

Upcoming NYC Show:

Shark? is presently planning a three week Fall tour of the East Coast and the Midwest with Dinosaur Feathers.

Shark has a q and also a

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BONUS: Colder Arabella (Dinosaur Feathers Cover) (mp3)


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