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This post is really for eMusic subscribers, but then again if you are reading this blog there is a pretty good chance you are obsessed enough with music that you already subscribe to eMusic. Anyway, said subscription-based music store is giving away a live album by ambientnoisedroneblippers Growing. Listen to first part of the concert (a/k/a the song Green Flag)…

Downloadable: Live At Floristree Part 1 (mp3)

If you like, you can grab the whole concert (in 3 parts) through the eMusic link below:

Downloadable: Live At Floristree (emusic free album)

And if you don’t subscribe to eMusic already, you should probably think about signing up.

Upcoming shows:
None (well they did just finish a tour with Fuck Buttons)

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Swell (social registry mp3)
Green Flag (social registry mp3)

Growing Live At Floristree

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