bestof2009 :: A Soundcloud Mix

Continuing our Best of 2009 coverage, I put together a mix of my favorite tracks from 2009 and uploaded it to the Soundcloud. These are my top 19 tracks from the past year.

Downloadable/Streamable: Best Of 2009 Mixtape (soundcloud)

The Individual Tracks:
01. Die Slow (mp3) by HEALTH

02. You’re A Target (mp3) by No Age

03. Bell (mp3) by Screaming Females

04. Gumball Machine Weekend (mp3) by Yppah

05. Pine On (mp3) by Obits

06. M.B.T. (mp3) by Susu

07. Fear! (mp3) by Shark?

08. In The Dark (mp3) by Gun Outfit

09. It #1 (mp3) by Ty Segall

10. Sooner Or Later (mp3) by ZAZA

11. Set-Up (mp3) by RENMINBI

12. Sinister Skies (mp3) by Pollination

13. Blessa (mp3) by Toro Y Moi

14. Dreamsucker (mp3) by Grooms

15. Got Nuffin (mp3) by Spoon

16. Name Tossers by BOAT

17. The Lie/The Truth (mp3) by Double Dagger

18. Arming Eritrea (mp3) by Future Of The Left

19. Bone Jam (mp3) by Jeff The Brotherhood

If you want to download all the individual tracks in this post, you should think about installing the DownThemAll! Firefox extension.

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Best Of 2009

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