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Editor of Circle Into Square and PDX multi-instrumentalist, Tom Filepp is cars & trains. He has a new album entitled The Roots, The Leaves coming out on Fake Four on Jan 26.

Filepp fuses experimental folk and electronic sounds using a large pallet of sounds, including:

layers of decaying feedback
out-of-the-box electronics
tape samples
malfunctioning toys
electronic stutters
organic drumming
acoustic guitar
sampled americana

Here is a snapshot of some of his gear:

gear porn

On the day of the release, cars & trains will be giving away a remix album The Roots, The Remix on I am particular looking forward to hearing the Ernest Gonzales remix. What I have for your downloading pleasure right now is a remix by Seattle-based knob tweakers USF a/k/a Universal Studios Florida .

Downloadable: Some Lonesome Street Corner (Universal Studios Florida Remix) (mp3)

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the roots, the leaves

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