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The LA-headquartered Dum Dum Girls is led by Dee Dee whom you remember from Grand Ole Party when she was know as Kristen Gundred (not a very Ramonesy name). Dum Dum Girls is also one half of The Mayfair Set. The fuzzed out prolific one man band Blank Dogs is the other half.

Sub Pop will be releasing the Dum Dum Girls‘ debut full length album, I Will Be sometime in late March (probably). The band looks back to the girl groups the 1960’s and to the early punk rock of the 1970’s for inspiration. I Will Be has eleven songs, and clocks in at thirty minutes. They call their sound “blissed-out buzz saw.” Listen…

Downloadable: Jail La La (mp3)

Upcoming Show:
Feb 21 @ Mercury Lounge w/ Frankie & The Outs, Happy Birthday & Coasting

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I Will Be by Dum Dum Girls

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