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On Feburary 10, Don Giovanni Records will release an EP of six songs from four rare Screaming Females 7″s. The collection is generically titled, Singles. If you are not familiar with the Females’ brand of NJ DIY punkish rock and roll, you really need to listen to this. Here is the promo mp3 from the EP.

Downloadable: I Do (mp3)

Here is an uncompressed version for audiophiles: I Do (aif)

There is no preorder yet at Insound or The Don Giovanni Store, but there is at Amazon.

Upcoming Dates:
Feb 6 @ Bowery Ballroom w/ Shellshag, Forgetters, JEFF The Brotherhood, The Measure [sa], Black Wine, and Groucho Marxists

Here is the poster for the showcase:
Don Giovanni Records Showcase

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