TONIGHT :: Crystal Stilts + The 1990s + The Oranges Band + The Forgery Series

When: Tonight @ 8pm // 18+ // $12 dos

Where: The Bell House

Who: Crystal Stilts

Listen: Love Is A Wave (mp3)

Who: The 1990s (FYI: Tickets from the postponed 4/22 Bell House show will be honored for this show.)

Listen: The Box (mp3)

Who: The Oranges Band

Listen: What Got You Off The Hook (mp3)
Listen: OK Apartment (mp3)
Listen: When Your Mask Is Your Revealing Feature (mp3)

Who: The Forgery Series

no audio available right now

Why: Well, it IS The Oranges Band 10th Anniversary show, plus you’ll get to hear The Forgery Series which is a solo project from Obits guitarist Sohrab Habibion along with friends from S.O.A., Radio 4, and Gas Huffer.

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