contest :: The 1000th GIMME TINNITUS Twitter Follower

Just in case you have not heard, the 1000th (non-spammy) follower of @GIMMETINNITUS is going to receive a bunch of prizes. If you are the lucky follower you will get…

:: The 1928 Recordings’ Golden Hour Box Set with 7″s by Tijuana Panthers, Air Waves, and Gray Goods

Listen: Sweetness (mp3) by Air Waves

:: a CD-R of The Singles EP by Gray Goods

Listen: Francis (mp3)

:: the Surface EP by Renminbi on vinyl

Listen: Portland (mp3)

:: a CD of R and R and R by SUSU

Listen: Clean Vs. Dirty (mp3)

:: the Deathbomb Arc Digital Prize Pack with:

a DL code for The End of Irony by Captain Ahab
a DL code for the 6 Guitar Solos At The Urine Wash (6 disc box set) by Gang Wizard
a DL code for Mtv by Back To The Future The Ride

Listen: Acting Hard (mp3) by Captain Ahab

Listen: c (from Live at the Long Haul) by Gang Wizard

Listen: Glaciers of Molten Gold (mp3) by Back To The Future The Ride

:: a bunch of Drew Danburry CDs including Goodnight Dannii, Geraniums, Mother., and Live In France

Listen: Nirvana, By Kurt Cobain (mp3)

:: 2 awesome Dinowalrus mp3s

Listen: Cage Those Pythons (Live on WVKR) (mp3)

:: a Crash Avenue CD-R with:

Far and Near EP by Panda Riot
Feathersongs for Factory Girls by Stripmall Architecture

Listen: Motown Glass (mp3) by Panda Riot

Listen: Pripyat (mp3) by Stripmall Architecture

:: a CD of Wave Maker by Come On Caboose + a small Come On Caboose t-shirt

Listen: Wave Maker (mp3)

And also…

:: Exponential Records pins/stickers/cds’dl cards*

Listen: Sinister Skies (mp3) by Pollination

:: a hand-drawn Shark? t-shirt*

Listen: I’ve Got Friends (mp3)

:: some posters + stickers and stuff from True Womanhood*

Listen: Magic Child (mp3)

:: an Infinite Limbs t-shirt*

Infinite Limbs is the home to GDFX, Teeth Mountain, and Liturgy

Listen: Kill and Eat (mp3) by Teeth Mountain

:: a CD of Rainbow Bloodsucker by DOOMSTAR!*

Listen: Rainbow Bloodsucker (mp3)

:: the Ninja Tune/Terrorbird prize pack* with:
Bonobo tote bag
Kid Koala “The Slew” black light poster,
The Heavy CD
Counter Records sampler CD
Blockhead & Terrorbird stickers

Listen: Black Sands (mp3) by Bonobo

:: a La Société Expéditionnaire prize pack*

Listen: Moon Fallout (mp3) by Dragon Turtle

:: a Western Vinyl prize pack*

Listen: Pink Graffiti, part 1 (mp3) by Secret Cities

:: a Circle Into Square prize pack*

Listen: i know someone (polyphonic the verbose remix) (mp3) by cars and trains

Additionally 2 random @GIMMETINNITUS followers will get a BONUS prize pack possibly including:

a CD of R and R and R by SUSU

a Drew Danburry CD

a Come On Caboose CD

2 Dinowalrus mp3s

a Crash Avenue CD-R with:
Far and Near EP by Panda Riot
Feathersongs for Factory Girls by Stripmall Architecture

and/or maybe something else??

We have not actually received the prizes marked with a * yet, but they have been sent (or will be once we get the winner’s t-shirt size).

Actual delivery of prizes may be delayed. Allow a bunch of weeks for delivery.

Finally, you the reader of this post have already “won” an album’s worth of music in the post above. You can grab all the mp3s above at once using the DownThemAll! or FlashGot Firefox extensions.

Thanks for reading/listening/downloading.

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