Friday Night Vids :: Gun Outfit + Holy Fuck + Harlem + Junk Culture + ARMS

If you ever wondered what a Gun Outfit music video would look like, now you know. Oh, and buy their latest album over @ Post Present Medium.

Streamable: Phaedra (youtube) by Gun Outfit

When I think of Canadian post-vocal indie rock, I think of one band and one band only, Holy Fuck. You should totally purchase their new album, Latin @ Beggars.

Streamable: Latin America (youtube) by Holy Fuck

Downloadable: Latin America (mp3)

WARNING: If you watch this Harlem video, the song will get stuck in your head, and you will be singing it all day long, but you probably won’t mind. Get their excellent new album @ the matastore.

Streamable: Friendly Ghost (youtube) by Harlem

Downloadable: Friendly Ghost (mp3)

If you read Junk Culture‘s q and also a post, then you should be able to identify the craziness below as the song West Coast. Pay-What-You-Want for Junk Culture‘s debut @ Illegal Art

Streamable: West Coast (youtube) by Junk Culture

Downloadable: West Coast (mp3)

Finally, we have this eyebally new video by post-Harlem Shakes proj, ARMS. This video will make you think of REM, but not the band. Download some ARMS at their official web presence.

Streamable: Eyeball (youtube) by ARMS

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