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Wait a sec, Slothbear‘s self-produced full length debut, Qids never received a post here on GIMME TINNITUS. My apologies. The band combines jangly 90’s guitar tones with a spacey ethereal quality that will get stuck in your head. So, if you just want a taste of Slothbear and don’t want to invest in downloading a whole zip, listen to this.

Downloadable: Little Qid (mp3)

You can also download the whole thing.

Downloadable: Qids (mediafire)

I’m pretty sure that once you listen to the whole album, you will totally want to buy Qids for $5.99 @ Amazon MP3.

You can read the Slothbear q and also ahere.

Upcoming NYC Show:
Jun 14 @ Public Assembly

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Exceptional Bastards (mp3)

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