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Bandcamp, Mediafire, and sometimes a little good old fashioned web hosting have made it easier than ever for bands to make the decision to share their music with new audiences around the world without charging for it. That said, it is important to support the artists who are giving away their music. Do they tour? Go see them perform live. Do they have merch for sale? Buy something. Do they have a paypal link on their website? Throw some $$ their way. Check out the samples below and then make with the downloading. These are the free recordings or collections there of that have stood out for us this year. If we missed something really good drop us a note in the comments. Listen.

  1. All Day by Girl Talk

    All Day by Girl Talk

    Listen: Oh No (mp3) [free album d/l]

  2. Day of the Woman by Day of the Woman

    Day of the Woman

    Listen: Kill Screen (Pollination Remix) (mp3) [free album d/l]

  3. Summer Singles from Anamanaguchi

    Summer Singles from Anamanaguchi - Artwork by Mauro

    Listen: Aurora (Meet Me in the Stars) (mp3) [free singles d/l]

  4. Reunions by Tan Dollar

    Reunions by Tan Dollar

    Listen: Full Bloom (mp3) [free album d/l]

  5. Guilty Ghosts by Guilty Ghosts

    Guilty Ghosts

    Listen: Everyone Around Me (mp3) [free album d/l]

  6. The BreakThru Radio Ampeater Compilation


    Listen: Confetti (mp3) by Young Mammals [free album d/l]

  7. Cyanide Sisters EP by Com Truise

    Cyanide Sisters by Com Truise

    Listen: Slow Peels (mp3) [free album d/l]

  8. Bedroom Databank Vols. 1-4 by Atlas Sound

    Bedroom Databanks by Atlas Sound

    Listen: This Wheel’s On Fire (Dylan) (mp3) [free album d/l]

  9. Shattered Darlings & Liquid Kisses by Shattered Darlings & Liquid Kisses

    Shattered Darlings & Liquid Kisses

    Listen: Lindsey Six (mp3) [free album d/l]

  10. The Мишка Presents Artificially Sweetened Mixtape by The Death Set

    Мишка Presents Artificially Sweetened by The Death Set

    Listen: Grinding Halt (The Cure) (mp3) [free album d/l]

  11. Weekend Recovery by girls in the eighties

    Weekend Recovery by girls in the eighties

    Listen: Awake But Not Aware (mp3) [free album d/l]

  12. The WW Presents Compilation

    WW Presents

    Listen: Never in Love (mp3) by Wonder Wheel and the Warriors
    [free album d/l]

  13. Ghost Animal’s Bandcamp by Ghost Animal

    Ghost Animal

    Listen: California Summer pt. 1 (mp3) [free d/ls]

  14. Qids by Slothbear

    Listen: Little Qid (mp3) [free album d/l]

  15. Troubleshooters by Milks & Rectangles

    Troubleshooters by Milks And Rectangles

    Listen: Wink And A Gun (The Jury’s Hung) (mp3) [free album d/l]

  16. Turns by Big Spider’s Back

    Turns by Big Spiders Back

    Listen: Turns (mp3) [free album d/l]

  17. Aphids On The Lettuce: Beck Remixed & Mashed Up by Big Pauper

    Aphids On The Lettuce: Beck Remixed & Mashed Up by Big Pauper

    Listen: feel like a piece of shit (mp3) [pay-what-you-want d/l]

  18. Slow Animal by Slow Animal

    Slow Animal

    Listen: theFUNsun (mp3) [free album d/l]

  19. Why I’d Try by Grandfather

    Why I'd Try

    Listen: AWOL (mp3) [free album d/l]

  20. railcars rmxs by railcars

    railcars rmxs

    Listen: castles (no age remix) (mp3) [free album d/l]

  21. Hidden Trees by kohwi

    Hidden Trees by kohwi

    Listen: Hobbies (ft. Mutual Benefit) (mp3) [free album d/l]

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Additionally, if you like what you hear you should probably purchase music from the above artists at any of these fine online retailers (or your local independent record store):

Insound | Amazon MP3 | eMusic | Other Music

Also, If you want to download all (or most of) the tracks in this post, you should probably think about installing the DownThemAll! or FlashGot Firefox extensions.

Best of 2.01k

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