friday night vids :: Screaming Females + White Hills + Magnetic Island + railcars + Radical Dads + BTTFTR + Frankie Rose and the Outs

For your streaming pleasure, here is the latest Friday Night Vids

Streamable: I Don’t Mind It (youtube) by Screaming Females

Downloadable: I Don’t Mind It (mp3)

Streamable: Three Quarters (vimeo) by White Hills

Streamable: Subterfuge (vimeo) by Magnetic Island

Downloadable: Subterfuge (mp3)

Streamable: Castles (Lucky Dragons Remix) (vimeo) by railcars

Downloadable: Castles (Lucky Dragons Remix) (mp3)

Streamable: Recklessness (vimeo) by Radical Dads

Downloadable: Recklessness (mp3)

Streamable: Zero Ghost (vimeo) by Back to The Future The Ride

Downloadable: Zero Ghost (mp3)

You can check out Candy (p4k) by Frankie Rose and the Outs at the web presence, their new embed code doesn’t appear to be working for us right now.

Downloadable: Candy (mp3)

Friday Night Vids

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