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And now the final GIMME TINNITUS best of 2013 of 2013, the favorite mp3s post, featuring 103 mp3s!

The songs are listed in mainly alphabetical order by artist, but if you want to know what song I listened to the most it was California Girls by Shark? followed closely by The Observer by Hive Bent, but really you should just listen to them all. Admitted, some of the songs featured here in this post are not actually from 2013, some are reissues, others are songs that I found myself listening to a lot, but the vast majority is all 2013.

You can play individual tracks using the tiny play buttons next to each mp3 link, OR you can stream all the songs in this mix using the streampad player at the bottom of the page, OR you can just download any or all of the tracks at your leisure and play them using a digital media player of your choice.

First up here is a CDr-able mix of my 25 favorite songs from 2013 that happen to be downloadable here at GIMME TINNITUS. Listen.


  1. Behead Yrself Pt 2 (mp3) by Bent Shapes
  2. Eleven Years After (mp3) by Big Pauper
  3. Fresh Meat (mp3) by BIG UPS
  4. Greeting From The Bottom (mp3) by Bunny’s A Swine
  5. Thumper (mp3) by Dan Friel
  6. Mercy Tongue (mp3) by Echo Comets
  7. Radio Eyes (mp3) by Ed Schrader’s Music Beat
  8. Gonna Die Out Here (mp3) by The Fagettes
  9. I Think We’re Alone Now (mp3) by Grooms
  10. The Observer (mp3) by Hive Bent
  11. Seizure (mp3) by Hunters
  12. Never A Joke (mp3) by Krill
  13. Dirty Shirt (mp3) by METZ
  14. C’mon, Stimmung (mp3) by No Age
  15. Human Probe (mp3) by Pop. 1280
  16. Jagged Brain (mp3) by Psychic Blood
  17. Mountain Town (mp3) by Radical Dads
  18. Get It (mp3) by Run The Jewels
  19. Poison Arrow (mp3) by Screaming Females
  20. California Grrls (mp3) by Shark?
  21. Tiger Tank (mp3) by Speedy Ortiz
  22. Always Lie (mp3) by Tape Deck Mountain
  23. Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster (mp3) by Thee Oh Sees
  24. The Myth (mp3) by Trabajo
  25. Stop Having Fun (mp3) by Wimps

  26. And here’s the rest of the best of 2013. Enjoy!

  27. Gold Thought Exit (mp3) by ADVAETA
  28. Corpsing (mp3) by Alligator Indian
  29. Knock On My Door (mp3) by Androgynous Mind
  30. Nail Polish (mp3) by BAMBARA
  31. How Weird is that Girl? (mp3) by bbigpigg
  32. We Act (mp3) by bennio qwerty
  33. Daguerreotype (mp3) by Diego Bernal and Ernest Gonzales
  34. Reunion (mp3) by Bestial Mouths
  35. Goes Black (mp3) by BIG UPS
  36. 1,000 Years (mp3) by Black Pus
  37. Psychic Flashes (mp3) by blood sister
  38. To Attempt Openness by The Body
  39. The Street (mp3) by Bueno
  40. Trash Monster Headache (mp3) by Bully Mammoth
  41. Modern Family (mp3) by Clean Girls
  42. I Can Do A Lot (mp3) by Club Girls
  43. Hey Winnie (mp3) by Cocktails
  44. Miller’s Grove (mp3) by Connections
  45. Lucky Loki (mp3) by Crosss
  46. better off (mp3) by Curelight Wounds
  47. Floor Boy (mp3) by Darlings
  48. Glossolalia (mp3) by deadCAT
  49. Birds (mp3) by Death Grips
  50. Come Home (mp3) by Desert Sharks
  51. Evil Man (mp3) by Destruction Unit
  52. Heretic’s Hymn (mp3) by Double Dagger
  53. Cuda ’82 (mp3) by Ex Con
  54. Passing (mp3) by fins
  55. This Song Is A Drug Deal (Live on WFMU) (mp3) by foot village
  56. I Lost Again (mp3) by Free Time
  57. Loose Sutres (mp3) by Fuzz
  58. Hypnotic Regression (mp3) by Girls Names
  59. Obvious Signs (mp3) by Grape Soda
  60. Terra Incognita (mp3) by A Guide To Rational Living
  61. Airborne Kawasaki (mp3) by Heavy Hawaii
  62. White Eyes (mp3) by Haunted Horses
  63. MYTH (mp3) by Horse Head
  64. Disconnected (featuring Airlooms) (mp3) by Kent State
  65. Damn Son (produced by Shy Guy) (mp3) by Le1f
  66. Gnomeadze – II (Headway Remix) (mp3) by Al Lover
  67. The Claw (mp3) by LOW FAT GETTING HIGH
  68. Bodies (mp3) by Mazes
  69. Long As The Sun (mp3) by Medicine
  70. Can’t Understand (mp3) by METZ
  71. Luxury (mp3) by Multicult
  72. Hare Tarot Lies (mp3) by No Joy
  73. Ability To Gain Access (mp3) by Not Waving
  74. Dead (mp3) by The Numerators
  75. Spun Out (mp3) by Obits
  76. Climb (mp3) by Orca Orca
  77. Dye My Things (mp3) by Other Comfort
  78. Blue Baby (mp3) by Ovlov
  79. Blue Elvis (mp3) by Peals
  80. Expect You To (mp3) by Pet Friends
  81. beards and shitty jobs (mp3) by princess reason
  82. Darjeeling (mp3) by Rodan
  83. Banana Clipper (feat. Big Boi) (mp3) by Run The Jewels
  84. AOK (“5 minutes of feedback” album version) (mp3) by Shark?
  85. Snow Moutain (mp3) by Spaceships
  86. Living The Dream (mp3) by Spook Houses
  87. Matt LeBlanc (mp3) by Steel Phantoms
  88. Drift (mp3) by Stygian Stride
  89. Dead Wave (mp3) by SURFING
  90. Suicide 1997 (mp3) by Tape Deck Mountain
  91. Vanity Unfair (mp3) by Teardrop Factory
  92. Drips (mp3) by Technicolor Teeth
  93. I’ve Heard It All Before (mp3) by Teepee
  94. Minotaur (mp3) by Thee Oh Sees
  95. Gimme Away (mp3) by Thee Open Sex
  96. Church Van Contraband (mp3) by VULTURE SHIT
  97. Bottomed Out Bill (mp3) by Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands
  98. Monsanto (mp3) by True Neutral Crew
  99. Blood From a Loyal Hound (mp3) by Two Inch Astronaut
  100. Sandslash (mp3) by The Vegans
  101. Total Shit System (mp3) by Yi
  102. Creep Date (mp3) by Yohuna
  103. Attention (mp3) by Younolovebunny
  104. Book Worm (mp3) by Zip-Tie Handcuffs

You can check out the rest of the GIMME TINNITUS “best of” coverage using this link.

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GIMME TINNITUS' Best of 2013

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