mp3s :: The November 2009 Mix

It’s time again to look back and reflect. What were we listening to one year ago?

Listen to the November 2009 Mix to find out…


  1. West Coast (mp3) by Junk Culture
  2. The Pause Tape Trainer (mp3) by Diego Bernal
  3. Tryouts (mp3) by Javelin
  4. Nuke Duke ‘Em (Mae Shi Remix) (mp3) by Dinowalrus
  5. Moon Fallout (mp3) by Dragon Turtle
  6. Between Two Mysteries (mp3) by Mount Eerie
  7. Scantrons (mp3) by Tape Deck Mountain
  8. Killed by Cars (mp3) by Slothbear
  9. M.B.T. (mp3) by Susu
  10. Absolutely Anything (mp3) by Brilliant Colors
  11. Answer To Yourself (mp3) by The Soft Pack
  12. Thee Only One (mp3) by Frankie Rose
  13. Rustic Arcadia (mp3) by Campfires
  14. Cathedral With No Eyes (mp3) by railcars
  15. Neat Parts (mp3) by Fucked Up
  16. Widow Of My Dreams (Live) (mp3) by Obits
  17. Best of the Aughts Supplement

  18. Speakers Push The Air (mp3) by Pretty Girls Make Graves
  19. Run To Your Grave (mp3) by The Mae Shi
  20. Knowledge In Hand (mp3) by The Forms
  21. OK Apartment (mp3) by The Oranges Band

If you haven’t done it already, make sure you check out the other monthly mixes.

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November 2009 Mix

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