mp3s :: NOT POSTED Mix, Vol. 14

It’s time to listen to the tracks I have not posted recently. Here is the next NOT POSTED mix. These are just some of the songs that would get their own individual posts here on GIMME TINNITUS, if I only had the time. This mix is just all over the place. Listen.


  1. Hawaii (mp3) by No Joy
  2. I Can See (mp3) by XBXRX
          (pay-what-you-want for their self released album Un Usper)
  3. Undertow (Blackbird Blackbird Remix) (mp3) by Warpaint
  4. Impact (Keepaway Remix) (mp3) by Juliette Commagere
  5. Mindlessnesslessness (mp3) by Hot Panda
  6. Virginia Reel (mp3) by SHAPERS
  7. Found Love in a Graveyard (mp3) by Veronica Falls
  8. A Place We Like (mp3) by Hooray For Earth vs Twin Shadow
  9. I Can Live Forever If I Slowly Die (Excerpt) (mp3) by Chris Schlarb
  10. By Some Miracle (mp3) by Philip Selway
  11. Lizard Queen (mp3) by Quilty
          (pay-what-you-want for the Black Hole Single – Halloween ’10 digital 7″)
  12. Fax Shadow (Shlohmo Remix) (mp3) by Toro Y Moi
  13. I Hurt So Much (mp3) by Daytime Television
          (d/l their Worst Download World EP)
  14. Cut Your Hair (Pavement Cover) (mp3) by Mutual Benefit
  15. ROT MY BRAIN AWAY (mp3) by Wise Blood
  16. Dreaming (mp3) by Seapony
  17. It Was Never Meant to Be This Way (Games Remix) (mp3) by CFCF
  18. Paranoid Video (mp3) by Total Control
  19. Brasilia Girl (Sampler Edit) (mp3) by French Horn Rebellion
          (d/l the The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion Sampler)
  20. ohhhh my bounce (mp3) by Shark?
  21. Meanwhile (mp3) by Shores
  22. Look on the Bright Side (mp3) by Levek
  23. Anniversary (Karuna Remix) (mp3) by Mon Khmer
  24. Tides (mp3) by Ghost/Light
          (props to ampeater)

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And if you like what you hear you should probably purchase music from the above artists at any of these fine online retailers (or your local independent record store):

Insound | Amazon MP3 | eMusic | Other Music

Also, If you want to download all (or most of) the tracks in this post, you should probably think about installing the DownThemAll! or FlashGot Firefox extensions.

Not Posted Mix

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