friday night vids :: No Joy + Total Slacker + dd/mm/yyyy + Pixies

For your streaming pleasure, here is the latest Friday Night Vids

This No Joy video is NSFW (provided no one in your workplace is running around naked). Props to Jheri @ Get Off The Coast.

Streamable: Hawaii (vimeo) by No Joy

Downloadable: Hawaii (mp3)

FYI, this is the official video for the song Crystal Necklace by Total Slacker.

Streamable: Crystal Necklace (vimeo) by Total Slacker

Downloadable: Crystal Necklace (mp3)

Here is the latest dd/mm/yyyy video which was put together by Exploding Motor Car.

Streamable: I’m Still In The Wall (mp3) by dd/mm/yyyy

Death to the Pixies?

Streamable: Hey (live @ Newport Folk Festival) (youtube) by Pixies

Friday Night Vids

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