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Here is a mix I have culled from the quite excellent Some of these bands you will definitely recognize from the pages of GIMME TINNITUS, some not. Listen.


  1. Boarded Up Houses (mp3) by Simple Circuit
    tags: garage lo-fi punk indie powerpop Austin
  2. Black Swan (Netherfriends Remix) (mp3) by Golden Ages
    tags: mid-fi pop psychedelic pop Chicago
  3. Counter-Time (mp3) by Friendo
    tags: 2-step alternative pop rock alternative chillwave doom dream pop experimental indie pop pop Calgary
  4. Single Man (mp3) by Ghost Animal
    tags: twisted surf pop Portland
  5. Beachwood (mp3) by Endless Hallway
    tags: alternative rock beachwood endless hallway indie rock Los Angeles
  6. Moris the Loris (mp3) by Zorch
    tags: coniferous experimental noise rock raw stewart zorch Austin
  7. Climb Over (mp3) by Kyst
    tags: experimental folk improv Poland
  8. Open Season (mp3) by High Highs
    tags: ambient folk pop rock New York
  9. Burn Bridges (Acoustic) (mp3) by Dom
    tags: burn bridges dom dom Worcester
  10. Wonder (mp3) by Adept
    tags: noise Holland
  11. Lawn Knives (mp3) by GOBBLE GOBBLE
    tags: pop techno terror San Francisco
  12. Bury Us Alive (mp3) by STRFKR
    tags: dance electronic pop jamz Portland
  13. Pepper (RUN DMT Remix) (mp3) by Butthole Surfers
    tags: dance drumstep dubstep dutch house experimental moombahton run dmt sutch synths Austin
  14. How Dare You (mp3) by Black Milk
    tags: electronic funk hip-hop rap soul Detroit
  15. sit down, man (featuring El-P) (produced by Scoop Deville) (mp3) by Das Racist
    tags: hip-hop rap
  16. Twins (mp3) by Happy New Year
    tags: brooklyn band experimental pop Brooklyn

Editor’s Note: I didn’t actually see that last track on, but it should be.

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