mp3s :: The June 2010 Mix

It’s time again to look back, reflect, and contemplate… what were we listening to one year ago?

Listen to the June 2010 Mix and find out.


  1. Awake but Not Aware (mp3) by Girls in the Eighties
  2. Pollution Shampoo (mp3) by Coyote Clean Up
  3. Bury Me In Smoke (mp3) by Burnt Ones
  4. Asleep Forever (mp3) by Tan Dollar
  5. Trackless (mp3) by MIRACLES
  6. Angel Echoes (Caribou remix) (mp3) by Four Tet
  7. Born Stoked (mp3) by Wet Illustrated
  8. I Hate The 80’s (mp3) by The Vaselines
  9. Even If It Worked Out (mp3) by Cloud Nothings
  10. Cool Kids Cut Out of the Heart Itself (mp3) by MiniBoone
  11. Actually (mp3) by Dinowalrus
  12. You Won’t Be Happy (mp3) by The Forgery Series
  13. Subterfuge (mp3) by Magnetic Island
  14. Here Sometimes (mp3) by Blonde Redhead
  15. Sleep Alone (mp3) by ASSS
  16. Dogma Sheen (mp3) by Coin Under Tongue
    (d/l Reception @
  17. Warm Regards (mp3) by Seth Smith
  18. Never Mine (mp3) by Brilliant Colors
  19. Little Brown Haired Girls (mp3) by Frankie Rose And The Outs
  20. Fever (mp3) by Sensual Harassment
  21. a Tunnel into Your Dreams (demo) (mp3) by the band in Heaven

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The June 2010 Mix

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