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A new HEALTH song spread a cross the internet today. It is a Pictureplane cover that retains (most) of the Fleetwood Mac sample in the original. Check out the new track, and then put that track in context by listening to the additional tracks below.


Downloadable: Goth Star (Pictureplane cover) (mp3) by HEALTH

And here is the original for comparison purposes.

Downloadable: Goth Star (mp3) by Pictureplane

And here is True Womanhood covering Pictureplane.

Downloadable: Dark Rift (Pictureplane Cover) (mp3) by True Womanhood

And here is Brenmar remixing Pictureplane.

Downloadable: Goth Star (Brenmar Remix) (mp3) by Pictureplane

And here is Pictureplane remixing HEALTH.


And here is a newer Pictureplane track.

Downloadable: Real is a Feeling (mp3) by Pictureplane

Finally, here is Pictureplane featured on a Sole track.

Downloadable: Coke Rap (w/ Ceschi, Kool A.D. & Pictureplane) (mp3) by Sole

HEALTH is presently touring in Europe. Hopefully, they will play the NYC area in the not-too-distant future.

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HEALTH Goth Star

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