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Oakland, CA’s Mwahaha will be self-releasing their first full length album on December 6th. On the self-titled album, Mwahaha use an array of analog synths and drum machines, as well as live drums creating a wall of sound that is both “out there” and poppy.

Reportedly, Odd Nosdam is working on a boom-bap remix for the band. We will report back when we know more about that.

There has been a pretty steady stream of tracks from the LP hitting the internets over the past few months (including GIMME Tumblr. We have collected them all for you below. Listen.

Track Listing:

  1. Swimmer
  2. Rainbow Diamond (mp3)
  3. Poinsettia (mp3)
  4. Love (feat. Merrill Garbus of Tune-Yards) (mp3)
  5. Lime Tree
  6. We Will Build Our Own
  7. Rivers and Their Teeth
  8. Sleep Deep (mp3)
  9. Bathynomus Gigantes

Presently, there is no preorder info for Mwahaha @ (you should probably check back on or around December 6th).

The cover art for Mwahaha looks something like this:

Mwahaha Cover Art

Hopefully, the band will travel east in the not too distant future and play some shows in the NYC area.

Mwahaha is on Bandcamp
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