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NYC noise rock unit Zulus is getting ready to release their self-titled debut LP via NJ’s Aagoo Records. The LP comes out on July 10th. (Record release party is at Free Candy on the 14th, details below.) This here is the lead single off of Zulus, which maybe you saw over at IMPOSE? If not…


Downloadable: Kisses (mp3)

The Zulus LP will be available for purchase @ sometime soon, but maybe you should pick up Zulus recent 7″ @ in the meantime.

UPDATE: You can stream the Zulus LP right now @

Zulus live @ Cake Shop

You can watch some footage from the Zulus show pictured above @

And why not check out a pre-Zulus track from PRSMS @

Upcoming NYC Shows:

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BONUS: Black Out (mp3)

Zulus LP

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