concert :: EISGTCMJ 2012 Recap > The Flag + ovlov + Geronimo! + Trabajo

And now the recapping of the Exploding In Sound + GIMME TINNITUS CMJ Showcase at Paper Box will begin!


Downloadable: Bad Blood (mp3)
Streamable: Phazed Out & Downtown (bandcamp)

Streamable: Bad Blood (The Paper Box, 10/20/12) (youtube)

(video: richard gin’s youtube)
The Flag reppin' Bmore at #eisgtcmj2012 #cmj2012
(photo: GIMME TINNITUS Flickr)



Downloadable: ahhehuhah (mp3)
Streamable: What’s So Great About the City? (bandcamp)

Ovlov be thrashin #eisgtcmj2012 #cmj2012 @paperboxnyc
(photo: GIMME TINNITUS Flickr)



Downloadable: William Shatner (mp3)
Streamable: Exanimate (bandcamp)

@geronimoband w/ green spotlight #eisgtcmj2012 #cmj2012
(photo: GIMME TINNITUS Flickr)
geronimo! by ari jankelowitz
(photo: ari jankelowitz)



Downloadable: the rot and rind (mp3)
Streamable: He Dead (bandcamp)

Streamable: Trabajo @ EISGTCMJ 2012

TRABAJO! #eisgtcmj2012 #cmj2012
(photo: GIMME TINNITUS Flickr)


You can click on the photos for a hi-def version.

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