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Savannah, GA based fuzzrockers Sauna Heat recently released their debut cassette via UK tape label Fuzzbook. The cassette contains 2 EPs, Youngblood and Alter Eagle (with interchangeable covers). This right here is track number seven.


Downloadable: Nice to Say (mp3)

You can purchase Youngblood/Alter Eagle for ₤4 GBP @

If you are digital-only, you can pay what you want for Youngblood and Alter Eagle.

sauna heat


  1. (Alter Eagle) Cool or Not
  2. (Alter Eagle) On The Back Porch
  3. (Alter Eagle) How About Tomorrow
  4. (Alter Eagle) Too
  5. (Alter Eagle) I’ve Been Dreaming of You
  6. (Youngblood) Cellular Phone
  7. (Youngblood) Nice to Say
  8. (Youngblood) Despondent
  9. (Youngblood) I Wanna Go Home

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BONUS: Cool or Not (mp3)

Youngblood by Sauna Heat
Alter Eagle by Sauna Heat

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