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The L Magazine‘s Northside Fest is back for its 5th installment all over Northern Brooklyn this week and here at GIMME TINNITUS we are getting excited (yet again) for a half week of way too many shows.

Although THIS is what you should be doing on Friday and Saturday (just saying). Let’s listen to the music you should be checking out on Thursday night, Saturday afternoon and all day on Sunday.

Are you ready? Here is our Northside Fest 2013 Mixtape to help you get psyched.

You can download the whole Northside Fest 2013 Mixtape in a zip file @

You can stream (and scrobble) all the songs in this mix using the player at the bottom of the page.



  1. Swim (mp3) by Nu Sensae (sched)
  2. Evil Man (mp3) by Destruction Unit (sched)
  3. Fresh Meat (mp3) by BIG UPS (sched)
  4. Bed Head (mp3) by Psychic Blood (sched)
  5. You Are The One (mp3) by A Place to Bury Strangers (sched)
  6. Craver (mp3) by Lower (sched)
  7. We Act (mp3) by Bennio Qwerty (sched)
  8. All The Same (mp3) by BAMBARA (sched)
  9. Waste Away (mp3) by Dead Stars (sched)
  10. METONYMY (mp3) by Turnip King (sched)
  11. Four Five (I Will Survive) (mp3) by Ava Luna (sched)
  12. Swagger Vets and Double Moon (mp3) by White Fence (sched)
  13. I’ve Got Time (mp3) by Money & King (sched)
  14. Brand New Thing (mp3) by MiniBoone (sched)
  15. Down Lown (mp3) by Shark? (sched)
  16. Vermin $upreme (mp3) by Butter The Children (sched)
  17. Insides (mp3) by The Soft Moon (sched)
  18. Poison Diamonds (mp3) by Adventure (sched)
  19. Cold Sweat (mp3) by Yvette (sched)
  20. Bad Blood (mp3) by The Flag (sched)
  21. On Time (mp3) by Alan Watts (sched)

Get more information about these shows and check out the full Northside Fest schedule @

Northside Fest is on Twitter
Northside Fest is on Facebook

If you like what you hear you should probably purchase music from the above artists at any of these fine online retailers:

Insound | eMusic | Other Music

And don’t forget to buy some music in physical form at your local independent record store or directly from a band’s merch table at a show.

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