recap :: Northside 2013 + EISGTNSIDE13

I know I should probably be going through all my CMJ footage, and oh wow this is really late, but let’s recap Northside 2013 + EISGTNSIDE13 in one big media heavy post, ok?

And, I just wanted to thank all the bands that played, plus Silent Barn and Big Snow (R.I.P.) and of course Exploding In Sound Records.

First, let’s look at one or two photos…

Nu Sensae at Shea Stadium

Nu Sensae @ Shea Stadium
Destruction Unit at Shea Stadium

Destruction Unit @ Shea Stadium
Big Ups at Shea Stadium

BIG UPS @ Shea Stadium
psychic blood at shea stadium

Psychic Blood @ Shea Stadium
ball of flame shoot fire at spike hill

Ball of Flame Shoot Fire @ Spike Hill
speedy ortiz at big snow

Speedy Ortiz @ Big Snow
two inch astronaut at big snow

Two Inch Astronaut @ Big Snow
big snow ceiling

Big Snow Ceiling
ovlov at big snow

Ovlov @ Big Snow
hive bent at big snow

Hive Bent @ Big Snow
bad history month at big snow

Bad History Month @ Big Snow
porches at big snow

Porches. @ Big Snow
big snow basement

Big Snow Basement Mural
dead stars at matchless

Dead Stars @ Matchless
grooms at silent barn

Grooms @ Silent Barn
sleepies at silent barn

Sleepies @ Silent Barn
yvette at silent barn

Yvette @ Silent Barn
the flag at silent barn

The Flag @ Silent Barn
miniboone at silent barn

MiniBoone @ Silent Barn
young adults at silent barn

Young Adults @ Silent Barn
psychic blood at silent barn

Psychic Blood @ Silent Barn
krill at silent barn

Krill @ Silent Barn
shark? at silent barn

Shark? @ Silent Barn
eula at silent barn

Eula @ Silent Barn
pizza at silent barn

Pizza @ Silent Barn
trabajo at silent barn

Trabajo @ Silent Barn
life size maps at silent barn

Life Size Maps @ Silent Barn
low fat getting high at silent barn

Low Fat Getting High @ Silent Barn
courtship ritual at muchmores

Courtship Ritual @ Muchmore’s
alan watts at muchmores

Alan Watts @ Muchmore’s
And there was some footage.

Streamable: BIG UPS – Fresh Meat (Live @ Shea Stadium) (vimeo)

Streamable: Speedy Ortiz – Casper (1995) (Live @ Big Snow Buffalo Lodge) (vimeo)

Streamable: Dead Stars – Staring At The Sun (Live @ Bar Matchless) (vimeo)

Streamable: THE FLAG – Bad Blood (Live @ Silent Barn for EISGTNSIDE13) (youtube)

Streamable: YOUNG ADULTS – Spectre (Live @ SIlent Barn for EISGTNSIDE13) (youtube)

Streamable: Krill – Purity of Heart (Live @ Silent Barn) (vimeo)

Streamable: SHARK? – Nothing (Live @ Silent Barn) (vimeo)

Streamable: EULA – I Collapse (Live @ Silent Barn for EISGTNSIDE13)

And here is a little mixtape to help you remember.

  1. Fresh Meat (mp3) by BIG UPS
  2. Evil Man (mp3) by Destruction Unit
  3. Tree for Shade (mp3) by Eula
  4. Bald History Month (mp3) by Fat History Month
  5. Bad Blood (mp3) by The Flag
  6. Gallery Palace (mp3) Grass Is Green
  7. 3D Voices (mp3) by Grooms
  8. The Observer (mp3) by Hive Bent
  9. Purity of Heart (mp3) by Krill
  10. It’s Leaking (mp3) by Life Size Maps
  11. Fucking Hopeless (mp3) by Low Fat Getting High
  12. Cold Hands (mp3) by Mount Sharp
  13. Swim (mp3) by Nu Sensae
  14. The Valley (mp3) by Ovlov
  15. Prom Song (mp3) by Pile
  16. Drrrty (mp3) by Psychic Blood
  17. Down Lown (mp3) by Shark?
  18. Seriously (Evil Radio Edit) (mp3) by Sleepies
  19. Silver Spring (mp3) by Speedy Ortiz
  20. Black Practice (mp3) by Trabajo
  21. Greatest City in the World (mp3) by Two Inch Astronaut
  22. Spectre (mp3) by Young Adults
  23. Cold Sweat (mp3) by Yvette

EISGTNSIDE13 2-day flyer by michael patrick sincavage

(flyer by michael patrick sincavage)

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