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I am so excited to officially announce our unofficial 2 day Northside showcase with Exploding In Sound Records which we are calling EISGTNSIDE13. Needless to say, this will be a 48 hour period totally filled with awesomeness.

On June 14th, starting at 3:30 PM, we are going to melt your brains with an amazing 14 band showcase at the new even-better-than before Silent Barn. (Speaking of Silent Barn, did you see this article in the gray lady? I know I did.) Longtime Readers of GIMME TINNITUS should recognize all of the bands playing at Silent Barn on the 14th, including a number from always awesome GODMODE. Then starting at 5 PM on June 15th, Exploding In Sound Records will take over Big Snow Buffalo Lodge. All the bands playing are from the EIS family of bands (which the exception of GT favs Hive Bent, who are touring with Two Inch Astronaut from June 9th to 17th).

And let me just say that you should go out of your way to get to these shows EARLY! Low Fat Getting High on the 14th and Porches. on the 15th are NOT TO BE MISSED.

Both shows are all ages.

Oh My Rockness: June 14th + June 15th
My Social List: June 14th + June 15th

EISGTNSIDE13 2-day flyer by michael patrick sincavage

(flyer by michael patrick sincavage)

So, get psyched for the show(s) by listen to some of the sounds of EISGTNSIDE13. You can stream (and scrobble) all the songs in this preview using the player at the bottom of the page OR you can just download any or all of the tracks at your leisure and play them using a digital media player of your choice.

To make things a little easier for you, here’s all of the mp3s below, all zipped up.

Downloadable: EISGTNSIDE13 Mixtape (mediafire)

Exploding In Sound Records and GIMME TINNITUS Present: EISGTNSIDE13

June 14th @ Silent Barn


3D Voices (mp3)


Seriously (Evil Radio Edit) (mp3)

Mount Sharp

Cold Hands (mp3)


In Praise of Our Doubts (Father Murphy cover) (mp3)

The Flag

Bad Blood (mp3)


Brand New Thing (mp3)

Young Adults

Spectre (mp3)

Psychic Blood

Drrrty (mp3)


Purity of Heart (mp3)


Slap Dash (mp3)


Tree for Shade (mp3)

P I Z Z A (not a band, actual pizza)


Black Practice (mp3)

Life Size Maps

It’s Leaking (mp3)

Low Fat Getting High

Fucking Hopeless (mp3)

Interstitial music provided by DJ GIMMETINNITUS

Price $7
Doors 3:30

Silent Barn
603 Bushwick Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11206

Silent Barn haz a newsletter

Silent Barn is on the internet
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Silent Barn is on Twitter
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EISGTNISDE13 June 14th @ Silent Barn; flyer by Ted Mcgrath

(flyer: ted mcgrath)

AND THEN on June 15TH @ Big Snow Buffalo Lodge:


Prom Song (mp3)

Speedy Ortiz

Silver Spring (mp3)

Two Inch Astronaut

Greatest City in the World (mp3)

Grass Is Green

Gallery Palace (mp3)


The Valley (mp3)

Hive Bent

The Observer (mp3)

Fat History Month

Bald History Month (mp3)


Je T’aime (mp3)

Price TBD
Doors at 5 PM.

Big Snow Buffalo Lodge
89 Varet St
Brooklyn, NY 11206

Big Snow Buffalo Lodge is on Tumblr
Big Snow Buffalo Lodge is on Facebook
Big Snow Buffalo Lodge is on Twitter
Big Snow Buffalo Lodge is on Oh My Rockness
Big Snow Buffalo Lodge is on My Social List

EISGTNISDE13 June 15th @ Big Snow Buffalo Lodge; flyer by Adric

(flyer: adric giles)

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