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GT favs Shark? (pronounced “shark??” or “shark question mark”) are close to achieving their crowdsourced fundraising goal to put out their new LP, Savior. When I first heard Shark? it was just Kevin Diamond’s bedroom-recording project, which sounded like this:

Fear! (mp3)

Then Diamond put a band together and they started playing out (a lot). They would often close their set with this eponymous track:

Shark? (mp3)

Then they put out their first LP, True Waste which sounds like this:

Down Low (mp3)

This year they dropped a killer single:

California Grrls (mp3)

The B-Side of which you can listen to using the soundcloud widget below. It is neither a Bo Diddley cover nor a Jonathan Richman cover.


Streamable: Roadrunner Roadrunner (soundcloud)

And now they are trying to fund their new LP, Savior over @

The new LP was recorded in a musty basement of a church in Coney Island with some help from the good folks at Gravesend Recordings a/k/a Julian and Carlos of Ava Luna.

Hey, you know what? You should totally pledge some $$. The exclusive bonuses for pledging range from a Savior download + updates from the band for $10 to the band changing their name for a week for a mere $1000. They say:

Let’s be honest, Shark? is a pretty infuriating band name. For one, it’s very hard to google a question mark. For one week ( a week of our choosing) we will change our name on all our social media accounts to a band name of your choosing. Must not be an already-existing band name.

You can check out all the exclusives @

Oh, and you can purchase the California Grrls cassette right now @

Shark? has a q and also a.

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BONUS: Slap Dash (mp3)

Shark? GIF

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