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Here is the latest GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time in which I finally get around to playing my favorite 11 minute Rodan song.


Downloadable: GTRT 07-07-13 :: GIMME TINNITUS Radio Time (mp3)

The Playlist:

  1. Notes & Chords Mean Nothing To Me by Monkeywrench
  2. Statues by Hüsker Dü
  3. nu punk by Ovlov
  4. Taste the Diff by Obits
  5. I’m Psyched by The Psyched
  6. Can’t Understand (mp3) by METZ
  7. Always Lie by Tape Deck Mountain
  8. Everyday World of Bodies by Rodan
  9. still empty (mp3) by Curelight Wounds
  10. Blatant Dis by Poster Children
  11. Trash Monster Headache by Bully Mammoth
  12. A Million Drops (mp3) by Shooting Spires
  13. Stuck In This Rut by The Bayonettes
  14. Shot By Both Sides by Magazine
  15. Pale Piss (mp3) by Weird Womb
  16. Psychic Flashes by blood sister
  17. Lovely Weather (mp3) by The Vandelles
  18. Godzilla by Mister Melt
  19. Million (mp3) by The Sky Drops
  20. Infinity Skull Cube by dd/mm/yyyy
  21. What Do U Do by Marble Valley
  22. I wanna go out by Teen Mom
  23. Matt LeBlanc by Steel Phantoms
  24. New Pop (mp3) by Golden Grrrls
  25. Red Ribbon by Throwing Up
  26. Watusi by Heavy Cream
  27. Don’t Wanna Hold Your Hand by Thee Headcoatees
  28. Bigger Party by Speedy Ortiz
  29. beards and shitty jobs (mp3) by princess reason
  30. Blue Flag by Coke Weed
  31. Hare Tarot Lies by No Joy
  32. Ad Re: Ian by Wax Idols
  33. Infinite Power by Krill
  34. Eraser (mp3) by No Age
  35. Acid Head by Hunters

The next show is on 7/21 @ 4PM EST.

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